Trey LA

Trey LA

Trey LA is a hip hop artist from Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa

He started rapping in 1998 and became the paragon of music for his school at Junior High. He was part of the first edition of Next Big Thing in Hiphop which aired on Gh one (Ghana). Even though he did not win, he was among the handful of rappers that made it to the top

Trey LA raps and sings in English, Ewe, Pijin and Twi

and occasionally sprinkles it with other languages to appeal to a wider range of music lovers..

His mixtape album “The Introduction” is available for free download

while working on his freshman album "The Graaaduation" after signing with Coptic and The Black Star Line. He is the rapper that feeds your soul with good content and equally entertains you. His creativity cuts across genres although hiphop is the tag he wears. When asked what his source of inspiration is, he will gladly say GOD. Trey's single "Ayo Ayo" featuring Kwaw Kese is available on multiple platforms, click on its icon at the bottom of this page.

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