Trey LA lends his talents to The Black Star Line

Multi-Platinum and Billboard #1 winning producer Coptic has finally settled on the first artist for his Ghanaian record label The Black Star Line. The news was made official today that Trey LA would be lending his talents to The Black Star Line, under the production eye of Coptic.

Trey LA who hails from Hohoe in the Volta Region started rapping in 1988 at primary school and raps in Twi, Ewe, Pijin and English.
Even though Trey has been through quite a lot of situations musically, Coptic added:

“I like Trey LA because his musical imprint on the game is small, we can move forward without any preconceptions about him or his talent.”
Trey LA has released his debut Mixtape “The Introduction” which features Trey’s talent on previously released hip hop tracks. The Introduction has no side artist features on the songs, Coptic feels that this is important to show the fans what Trey LA is exactly about.

Ask Trey LA where his inspiration for rapping comes from, and he will loudly answer: